About Me

Allow me to introduce myself

I was born and raised in Powell, Wyoming, just 25 miles from the Montana border. My father retired from a career as a law enforcement officer after 36 years, but he also worked as a farrier to make ends meet. My mother owned some small businesses: a travel agency and a gift shop, and she was also a German Instructor for Northwest College. My parents had three children and also adopted three to create the wonderful Olson family. They instilled a strong work ethic in all their children and encouraged us to be kind, courteous, and independent.

After graduating high school and completing an associate's degree in secondary education from Northwest College, I spent time traveling and volunteering abroad. After some time away, I moved to Billings in 2013 to attend Montana State University Billings where I earned a bachelor's degree in English. Until the culmination of my degree, I worked waiting tables, catering, and bar tending.

After completing my undergraduate education, I worked as a manager and events coordinator at a local golf course until taking a job with the non-profit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County as their Development Coordinator. I am currently continuing my career in non-profit working for the Billings Leadership Foundation supporting the Montana Rescue Mission and Friendship House of Christian Services. 


I completed a Master of Science in Public Relations from MSUB in May of 2020 where I received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for my department. I also currently serve as an Instructor of Public Speaking at MSUB. 

I volunteer and am a member of several local organizations including the Junior League of Billings, CASA of Yellowstone County, NextGen, and the MSU Billings Alumni Association. I also serve as a Board Member on the Board of Community Development for the City of Billings and for the local equine therapy non-profit, Chinook Horses.

Beyond work and my education, I am a partner to Ben Norberg, my high school love, and a mother to our beautiful daughter, Vienna, who is 4. I enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors with my family, camping in the summer, and snowboarding the Montana mountains in the winter.

I am a proud resident of the Billings South Side where I’ve been a homeowner for 7 years. In that time, I have seen so much growth and improvement in the neighborhood, and our family has no plans to leave the South Side any time soon. I’m passionate about the Billings community and the state of Montana; there's no place else she'd rather live and raise my family.

If you want to know more about me or why I'm running for office, please reach out to me!


Why am I running?

I want to be a part of the solution.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I became qualified for health coverage under Montana Medicaid. My family and I spent four years on Medicaid and the Medicaid Expansion while we struggled to make ends meet so I could finish school. My partner and I worked opposite schedules (I waited tables and bar tended while he worked in restaurants and mowed lawns) to avoid putting our daughter in child care that we couldn’t afford. The things is, our story is not unique, and it’s also pretty minimal compared to the challenges many other Montana families face. I don't know about you, but I am ready to be represented by people who can relate to that.


When I started inquiring about running for office, I asked legislators and community leaders how lawmakers work in Helena while parenting young children. It turns out that although there have been some incredible young mothers in the legislature, there haven't been nearly enough. That is a problem because it means that the folks who are making decisions about our children don’t know what it’s like to be raising children today. It also means that there aren’t as many lawmakers who can advocate to make it more possible for Montana moms to run for office.


I want to be a part of the solution to that problem. I want to represent all Montana families and the interests of parents who are raising kids in this state. I want to use every struggle I've ever endured to empower our children and the strong men and women who raise them. 

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