What am I going to fight for in the Montana Legislature?


I believe in empowering all Montanans through fair wages, workers’ rights, and investing in programs that combat the systemic oppression of those living in poverty.

Our seniors matter, and our leaders should be fighting for them and taking care of them at every level. From social security and health care coverage to affordable prescription drugs, from long-term care to accessibility to necessities, none of our parents and grandparents should be struggling to survive and prosper regardless of their circumstances. This is also true for our friends and family members who are disabled. Disability should not equal a sentence to a life of poverty. 

Healthcare is a right. Healthcare and comprehensive mental healthcare should be affordable and accessible for all Montanans. Medicare and Medicaid should be expanded, if not granted to all. Health insurance and prescription drugs should be affordable for every individual who needs them.

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. We must support their ability to build, operate, and thrive.


Montana's children must be a top priority through a strong public education system and a major expansion of childcare and early childhood education funding.


We must support our state’s colleges, trade schools, and universities and encourage the development and implementation of programs that support Montana, our economy, and our future.


Job creation is vital for all of Montana, and communities with a disparaging number of potential retirees will need more to attract and retain a younger workforce in order to replenish and support cities like Billings. I will fight not just for Montana, but for Billings. There’s no reason we shouldn’t receive the resources necessary to allow us to compete with other Montana cities for an energized work force.


I am a firm believer in protecting our public lands and keeping them in public hands. So much of what makes Montana so extraordinary is our mountains, lakes, rivers, and wilderness, along with our incredible city, state, and national parks.

Our natural resources should be utilized responsibly. There is a balance of economy and protecting the environment and the lives who rely on it; we should be working toward renewable energy production, but we should do it in a way that does not devastate the communities who currently rely on fossil fuel production.